Learn more about our different expressions, the native agave they come from, and how each varietal creates a unique flavor profile.


Iconic in shape and look of classic agave the Espadín gets its name from a sword sheath. It’s immense versatility allows it to be used as a source of fiber, medicines and food. Espadín takes 6-8 years before reaching maturity to harvest.

Tobalá (Agave Potatorum)

The Tobalá is smaller species of agave that grows in a compact rosette with wide, flat spatulate leaves up to one foot in length and edged with sharp, needle-like spines. Typically takes 10-15 years to reach maturity for harvest, and yields a sweeter, more delicate floral flavor.

Tepeztate (Agave Marmorata)

The Tepeztate is a mid to large agave varietal with a more erratic leaf structure that can reach more than 4 feet in length. Despite its size, the Tepeztate can be found in more rocky areas and even the side of step cliffs. One of the scarcer varietals, it can take more than 25 years for the Tepeztate to mature and provides a full bodied and earthy characteristics.

Tobasiche (Agave Karwinskii)

Tobasiche (or Tobaziche) is one of the more unique and easily identified agave varietals due to their long, trunk-like stocks and vertical piñas that can grow up to 20 feet tall. Plant maturity is reached in 12-14 years and create rich earth tones with a sweet papaya finish.

Ensamble 7

Our Ensamble 7 is a one-of-a-kind blend of seven wild agaves, representative of the seven Carreño sisters. Equal amounts of Tobalá, Tobasiche, Tepeztate, Cuishe, Lumbre, Coyote and Espadín agaves are roasted together in the earthen horno (see OUR PROCESS) and provide a delicate and complex taste that is unique to Mezcal Carreño.

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